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Top Awesome Linux Laptops


The best Linux laptop runs smoothly – an experience that is not guaranteed when you install Linux on a random computer. This is because Linux can be optimized for the hardware that it has installed.

This article lists the best Linux laptops that come with the open-source operating system installed by the manufacturer.

Why should you buy linux laptops?

Linux is an open-source operating system that you can install on almost any computer. So, why would you like to buy a specific Linux laptop instead?

Many laptops advertised as Linux devices usually come with Windows installed but some types of Linux taste have been tested and certified. However, with this tool’s tool purpose, Linux has been built keeping in mind. This means that they will often run faster, faster, and with hardware as if you were to install Linux itself.

There is a downside to buying from small manufacturers: The cost of a Linux laptop built for most purpose is slightly higher than those of Windows. Part of the cost due to Linux devices is that boutique makers create a small number of products, which makes cost-per-device costs more expensive. The exception to this rule is Dell, which actually reduces prices when selecting Linux on Windows.

Best Linux Laptops For Privacy:

Puritanism Librem 13

The crowd-funded company creates many laptops in the price ranging from $ 1,300 to $ 2,000. All Purism computers contain a customized version of Linux known as PureOS. PureOS is based on Ubuntu, but with privacy and security modifications.

The Liberm 13 laptop comes with a KB lake processor and custom privacy and security modifications. Unlike most other Linux laptops, it comes with an open-source BIOS called Coreboot. It also has two physical buttons which disable all wireless features along with the microphone and camera. In addition, it is made of a black aluminum unibody chassis.

If you are interested and would like more information before purchasing, then review our review of Purism Librem 13.

System76 Oryx Pro

System76 is one of the most famous Linux laptop manufacturers. Outside Denver, Colorado, the company produces a series of desktop and laptop accessories. He also happens to make the best overall Linux laptop – System76 Oryx Pro.

In 2019, System76 introduced Oryx Pro; A thin, high performance notebook. The specifics of Oryx Pro come close to a workstation in power but in a slimmer and more portable package. But improvement in that performance comes with a price. It costs a lot of money.

Nevertheless, the laptop packs a high-end 9th generation Intel processor, which does not suffer from performance problems related to security suppressors that damage performance on older soil processors. It also includes a Turing GPU, which means that its tensor core helps the developers in making machine learning algorithms.

The company made its name in Ubuntu-based devices, but they now develop their Linux operating system. While it’s based on Ubuntu, it looks like Google’s Material Design and Mashup of GNOME. However, while customizing your Oryx Pro in checkout, you can choose Ubuntu if you wish.

Zesteron UltraLap 6440 I7

If you are looking for a customizable and affordable item, then Zesteran UltraLap 6440 I7 is the perfect Linux laptop. The device is equipped with Intel i7-8550U CPU and can support DDR 4 RAM up to 32 GB. While the starting price of $ 1,000 only includes basic specifications, even for a powerful Linux laptop.

One of the features of the UltraLap 6440 i7 is its optimization. Unlike many other manufacturers, Xesteron will preinstall any Linux default you have selected. During checkout, the dropdown recommends the most popular Linux installation, but you are free to choose any desire by specifying your selection in customer notes.

Del preciion 5520

Dell is one of the main laptop manufacturers, which offers Ubuntu as a discounted option for Windows 10. This means that many Dell laptops can be configured in checkout instead of Linux laptops. If you are looking for a high-performance Linux laptop, Dell Precision 5520 may be what you are after.

Prison 5520 can be configured to ship with Ubuntu 16.04 preinstalled, and it reduces the price of standard Windows-based models by $ 100. The laptop comes with Intel Core i7-6820HQ CPU and up to 32GB DDR4 RAM can support. Storage configuration starts at 500GB SATA HD and is up to 1TB M.2 SSD.

How to Use Evernote’s Secrets


When Evernote’s founder Stephen Pachikov launched the note-taking app for the first time, then our aim was to help “remember everything”. With over 225 million users worldwide, this is a modern problem that needs to be resolved, and Evernote is doing a good job.

However, I recently caught myself trapping through my old evergreen notes. Some were only a year or two, but I could barely save them. The articles which I did not remember, and the books I had never read, were very much highlighted on the notes to be forgotten.

The Problem: Memory and Recall

So much time was consumed in careful and carefully arranged information, even then I did not keep any of this from anyone.

So, I found a simple solution that you can easily repeat. There are two immediate benefits of this Evernote Workflow:

The most important information will be at the top of your mind.

You did not waste time on interesting and important information, only to forget it soon. has an interest in? Follow these steps, and you will have the same system set up in a short time. All you need is an evergate account, a to-do list, app or calendar that can send you recurring reminders.

1. Create a tag for content that you want to rewrite

The first thing is to create a new tag so that you can label your important content, and then easily find it. For this purpose, tags are better than notebooks, because you can label content without labeling, it can actually take it to your evergreen account.

To create a new tag, open Evernote. In the left-hand menu, select Tag> New Tag, and give the new tag the relevant name like “content revisit”, and press Enter.

2. Save the tag as a shortcut

Now drag and drag your new tag into the shortcut section of the left-hand menu. In this way, you will only be able to directly click on those notes which you need to see again.

3. Tag your important notes

Now for the time consuming part (depending on how many notes are in your account). Go through your evernot notes, and tag those important people – who you want to see again regularly – with your new tag.

As you can see above, adding my own content revisit tag fits basically with my existing tag and organized evanount taxonomy, which I have written before.

When doing your work through your notes, use your new tag only for important notes that you have saved. There is no need to get the receipts and the photocopy of the documents you have saved, so do not waste your new tag on them. You do not want to be overwhelmed by the number of notes that you need to see again.

Although it may take some time, you only have to do this once. After this step, whenever you add a new note to Evernote that you are important enough, then tag it with your re-tag and then long before, it will become a habit, and the top of your new system It will not take any time to stay on.

4. Set up a reminder to reissue your notes

Now you need to make sure that you actually see these important notes again. The best way to do this is to set a reminder, so you can make it part of your schedule.

Evernote has an underlying reminder feature for premium users, but it only works for individual tags, so it is not useful in this scenario.

Instead, if you use a to-do list app that has a “reminder” feature for recurring tasks, then create a recurring task to see your evergreen notes again. I use todoist for this, but there are lots of other to-do list apps.

If you do not use a to-do list app, for example, set a recurring event on your calendar to repeat every day, week or every month.
Whichever method you use, make sure that you will actually see these notifications, so you have actually indicated to send your notes again!

5. Start seeing your notes again

When it’s time to re-watch your Evernote Notes, you just have to open Evernote, click on your content revisited shortcut, then dated your notes> Most recent edit.

Sorting your notes at least the most recent means that the articles you have not reviewed in the longest, they will appear at the top of your review list.

Now, starting at the top of the list, start doing your job through one of your important notes at a time.

How do you do it depends on you. Read them full. Skim them on. Read Highlights. You do not need to go through all your notes at once. You can choose to re-choose just one note per day. Maybe 10 minutes per week. Or 20 minutes per month. Whatever works for you.

Need to Know About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite, one of the most anticipated mobile releases of all time, finally launched in June 2019. While the game has been in the spotlight on the weekend of its release, you are still not completely sure that Harry Potter: Wizard is about Unite.

We are telling here what the game is, what it is about, and how to play it. Here you need to know about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter: What is the magician united?

Harry Potter: Developers of Wizards Unite Pokémon Go is an augmented reality (AR) game from Niyatik. The game takes place in the Harry Potter universe, several decades after the events of the original Harry Potter series.

In the game, players help the Ministry of Magic during a crisis that looks at the objects and memories that appear in the Mughal (non-magical) world. To protect the law, players are tasked to collect these items.

The familiar characters of Harry Potter’s books and films appear in the game, either NPC or collectable memories. This includes Hermione Granger, now the Minister of Magic and Harry Potter, a ministry andoror.

In which countries is the Wizards Eunice available?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched on June 20, 2019. This limited release launched the game in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

However, by June 22, the game was rotated in 140 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and America. There is a complete list of countries where Wizard Unite is available on the game’s website.

The game will be rolled out in other areas in the coming weeks and months. Some notable areas where Wizard Unite was made available on its launch weekend include Japan and South Korea.

How To Play Harry Potter: Unite Wizard

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available on Android and iOS. The game is free to download and play, but it includes a variety of microtrans. These microtrans are often promoted, so it may be off for players who prefer mobile games without in-app purchase.
Harry Potter: To play Wizards Unite, you need to create an account with your Google or Facebook login credentials.

Other details required to create an account include your first and last name. Fortunately, the game does not share this information with other players. You then make a profile nickname, which other players can then see when you add them as friends.

You will also need an internet connection to do a job to play the game, because it is based on your location, regularly with objects on the map.

In terms of device compatibility, Wizard Unite requires a device with an iPhone / iPad with Android 5 or later or iOS 10.0.

Wizard Unite has shared some features with Pokémon Go and other AR games, but this is definitely different in terms of their mechanics and gameplay. Here are some of the main mechanics of the game that you should know about.

Scars, Mulladar and Confuball

While playing wizards unite, many types of marks (bright icons showing like badges) are shown. The foundations of foundables in these traces are known as foundibles, which are magical items or memories that have appeared in the Mughal world. To collect the foundable, you will need to defeat the Confusing-Chaotic Magic which traps the foundable in the Mughal world.

O Do this, tap the trace to open the Encounter. This encounter will show you the same as foundable by the foundable and confidential. To defeat the Counfoundable, you have to trace it on your screen and put a spell.

Based on the difficulty of the encounter, you will either beat the Confusable or confront the confrontation of your mantra. Confuciables also have the ability to escape the encounter (which prevents you from collecting the foundable), depending on their Fleet Chance Rate.

Once you save a founder, the item appears in your registry.

Challenges in the fort and magician unions

Players can work together in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to defeat Wizarding Challenge. You can face these challenges – big buildings of the fort, which are located at points of interest on the Wizards Unite Map.

If the players join the same chamber, they will be able to fight the enemies together. On the basis of the level of challenge and other factors, each player will be seen to take several enemies personally.

Each enemy produces an encounter encounter, which means that you will need to put aggressive and defensive spells to defeat it. Once you defeat all the enemies, the challenge ends and the players get many types of rewards.

How monday Can Supercharge Team


Project team meetings range from weekly matters to daily stand-ups. And to meet the needs of modern project management, people have to adopt new methods of business practices.

monday.com is a visual aid tool that helps your team manage projects, meet deadlines and create a transparent working culture. With a glance, you can track the progress of any project. It puts messages and files in one place so your team can stay in sync.

Let’s look at monday.com and it features the features that make project management fun and easy.

Starting on monday

Bringing your team on board is a simple process. Visit Monday’s website and enter your work email address. The app asks you several questions to customize the dashboard according to your needs. These include how many users you have, you have the plan to use the app for your workspace name, what your team does, etc.

Understand basic terminology

monday.com works on three underlying elements: boards, groups and items. A board is a virtual whiteboard to store your projects. A group is a color-coded section that contains your items (or works). They can be a week, month, a specific phase of a project, or whatever you want. There can be dozens of items in each group.

Items are the basic building blocks of Monday. Each item represents an individual line or line item on which a team member is working. The content of that item depends on the board plan.

For example, in blogging, these different articles represent the writers working on that article, the date of publication and more. There should be a clear, actionable message in the work that is expressed in a simple explanation.

Build your productivity system with monday.com

In the first phase, we will create a new board. To bring up the board menu, click the plus (+) button next to the board. Select the blank board to start with the scratch, or import your data directly from the Asana, Trailo or CSV file.

To add a template, click Select from within the template. monday.com offers you many pre-defined templates including marketing, content production, project management, etc.

When you create a board, it is visible to any team member in your account. If you are the owner, you can change the board type. To do this, click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner and select the change board type.

Shareable boards allow you to interact with outside guests, so that you can progress with your customers or share the list with your suppliers. On the contrary, private boards are for confidential work. You can change the type whenever you need it.

Working with groups

To add a new group, move your mouse over the arrows of any current group. Click it and select Add Group. A new tab will appear at the top of your board just below the filter bar.

There are some more actions in the menu. You can duplicate a group, move the group to another board, change the color of the group and export it to Excel.

Before you start grouping, think about which type of group will help your team to organize their work. Although there is no limit to making the group, you may want to restrict the number to simplify the tracking process. Discuss with your team to understand how they want to work with groups.

Working with item

To add an item, click the box that says + Add and type in the item title. Then press Enter. If you think that the title is going too long, break actionable work into smaller tasks.

To create a checklist, click on the item title to slide the right panel in the main view. Then open Update> Checklist tab and type in your works.

A checklist icon will appear next to the title of the item. Hover your mouse over any item and click the menu button that appears on the left to bring more options. You can duplicate an item, move items to another group or board, or archive it.

Add columns to task list

In Monday.com, each item type is under a special column. It helps you create a process and a way to incorporate all the aspects needed to fulfill your tasks. But you can add more columns to meet your team’s needs.

To add a column, click the plus (+) button on the right side of the board. Choose the column you want to add to the options or column center. Below are some columns:

People: You can assign each task to a specific member or to many users.

Status: To keep an eye on the progress of your work.
Date: Set the due date for your tasks.

Formula: excel formula with mathematical capabilities