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How to Control Plex Amazon Alexa


Plex Media Server is a great way for you to access your media on a wide range of devices, no matter where you are. However, as you add more content to your server, the exact show you want to watch or the song you want to hear can be difficult to find.

Thankfully, you can now control Plex using Amazon Alexa, so you can control your device using your voice. Let’s set it up, as well as some voice commands that you can use to control Plex with Alexa.

What will you need to control Plex using Amazon Alexa?

The first thing you need is a tool that is compatible with Alexa. Amazon’s smart speakers, including eco, eco-spot, and eco-dot, are the most likely options here, but you can also build your own Alexa Smart speaker using raspberry pie.

Now there is also a wide range of third party products that come with Alexa Voice Control. Products like Lenovo Smart Tab, Sonos One, and even some wireless headphones come with Alexa functionality, and they also allow you to control your Plex Media server using your voice.

You’ll also need Plex skills from the Amazon Skill Store. This skill is currently available only in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and India. You will also need an Android or iOS device with the Alexa app to add and configure Plex skills.

Which Plex Apps Can Alexa Control?

Plex Skill officially supports a wide range of Plex apps. Contains:

To be able to control your Plex app with Alexa, you must log in to your Plex account. A free account will work properly, so you do not need Plex Pass subscription. You’ll also need the Plex app to open and run on your device.

How to set plex

To be able to control it, Alexa should be able to access your Plex Media server. You will need to enable remote access to your server, one of the essential Plex settings which you should be familiar with.

Go to your Plex server and click the settings icon at the top of the screen (it looks like a screwdriver and a wrench).

In most cases, automatic configuration should work without any problems. If this fails, you can try forwarding the port manually to your router. Plex provides detailed instructions on how to set up ports forwarding on Plex Support pages.

If both of these methods fail, then you may be able to use Alexa to control your Plex Media Server. If you fail to set up remote access correctly, but do not explicitly disable it, then your server can set what Plex says to the “relay” connection. You should still be able to use Alexa on this limited connection.

How to set alexa

Once your Plex Media Server is set to Remote Access, you need to install Plex Skill. to do this:

Open the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device and click the menu icon in the upper left corner.
Select “Skill and Sports” and then click on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner. From here, search for “Plex”.
Select Plex Skills and click on the “Enable to Use” button. You must sign in to authenticate your Plex account.
Click “Authorize” to link your Plex account to Alexa Skills.

Which media server to use

The next step is to tell Plex the skill that Plex Media Server uses. You can do this with a simple voice command – say “Ask Plex to change my server”. You will then hear a list of all the servers connected to your Plex account. Tell Alexea your selection from the list, and it will be set as your default server.

If you have only one server set on Plex, then the skill sets it by default. Alternatively, if you know the correct name of Plex Media Server that you want to use, you can set it directly.

Choosing Which Plex Player To Use

Your final step is to choose which Plex Player is to use automatically. If you have installed Plex on many different devices, you will only be able to control one at a time. You can change the default player at any time.

Then you will hear a list of all the players you have available and then you can choose who you want to set as the default. If you already know the name of the app that you want to set as the default, you can say, “Ask Alex, Plex to change my player to Apple TV”.

How to Check Windows Experience


Remember the Windows Experience Index? The Windows Experience Index was a quick way for Windows users to detect their entire computer performance and where there was an immediate problem.

Microsoft removed the graphic version of the Windows Experience Index in Windows 8.1 But the built-in tool, Windows System Assessment Tool, remains. Better still, you can easily access older performance ratings.

Here’s how you can see your Windows Experience Index on Windows 10.

1. Run WinSAT to generate the Windows Experience Index

In Windows 10. Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) resides. You can use WinSAT to generate the Windows Experience Index for your processor, graphics card, memory speed and more.

The following process generates a Windows experience index and then exports it to an XML file.

Type the command in your Start Menu Search bar, right-click on the best match and select Run as administrator.
When the command prompt opens, input the following command: Virat Formal

Wait for the process to complete. When this is complete, you can find the XML file in C: \ Windows \ Performance \ WinSAT \ DataStore.

See a set of files in the date you are running a trial. Open the XML file that looks like “[date of trial] formality .VinSAT.xml” recently.

When prompted, select your Internet browser to view the XML file. Your browser will make XML data readable.

2. Use Windows PowerShell

You can also use the WinSAT command in Windows PowerShell. The command works almost evenly and gives you a lot of cleaner output.

Type the powers in your Start menu search bar, right-click on Windows PowerShell, and select Run as administrator.

Your overall Windows Experience Index is listed with WinSPRLevel.

3. Use Performance Monitor and System Diagnostics

If there is no current score then how do you score here or do system scans. Type and select the display in your Start menu search bar performance Monitor. Under the performance, the Data Collector Set> System> Head of System Diagnostics. Right-click on System Diagnostics and select Start. The system will run diagnostic, gather information about your system.

Now, Head of Reports> System> System Diagnostics> [Computer Name]. After selecting your computer’s name, the system diagnostic report will appear. Scroll down the report until you find the hardware configuration

Expand desktop ratings, then two additional dropdowns, and you get your Windows Experience Index there.

4. Winaero WEI Tool

The Winaero WEI tool is a basic but easy tool that you can use to create Visual Windows Experience Index. The Winaero WEI tool is lightweight and takes seconds to give your system a score. There are also some handy screenshot tools built-in.

Windows Experience Index Options

The Windows Experience Index was not a great way to estimate your system’s performance. There is only one serious limit. Your Windows Experience Index value comes from your lowest performing hardware. In my case, despite getting high scores for CPU, Direct 3D, graphics and memory, my disk speed brings down my overall score.

A low score can alert you to a hitch in your system. My system score falls because I have several drives, some of which are old, lumbering hard drives.

Overall, the Windows Experience Index is not the best way to detect the performance of your system, or where you can improve it, either. Here are two options of the Windows Experience Index, which give you the necessary information.

1. SiSoftware Sandra

SiSoftware Sandra (System ANaylzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is a system benchmarking tool that you can use to test your hardware against other users. Sandra has an online reference database that you can use to compare personal aspects of your system, such as your processor or internet connection, then compare other systems when the system upgrade is worth it.

2. User Benchmark

Another useful option is UserBenchmark. UserBenchmark runs a suite of benchmarking tools on your system, then opens the results in your default Internet browser. Then you can compare your results with thousands of other userbankmark users, find out how your system ranks in comparison.

Top Best Sports Management Games


The game management game is big business. Many of the genre titles are listed in the most successful game franchises of all time.

The problem is that wheat is being sorted by chaff because there are good and bad titles. Here are the best game management games you can play today.

1. Football Manager 2019

Football Manager is one of the world’s most famous sports manager games. Originally called championship manager, the franchise’s first title hit the shelves in 1992. Each annual release, especially in Europe, is one of the best-selling PC games of the year.

In the 2019 edition, users can take charge of teams from 116 leagues in 51 countries. There is also a mountain of community-built material that adds more leagues, players, employees and clubs.

In 2019 new features include a new training tool, a new strategy module, the introduction of VAR (Video Assistant Referee), and for the first time in a decade – fully licensed German Bundesliga

2. Tennis Elbow Manager 2

Tennis Elbow Manager 2 considers you to be a dual role of a tennis coach and a tennis player. The objective is to bring one of them to the number one spot in the world, then they should be kept there.

The depth of the game is impressive. It has the facility of career progressing up to 2042, with more than 3,500 players (men’s sports and women’s games starting in 1983). The game also provides more than 400 global tennis tournaments from the ATP and WTA Tour and Junior Tour.

As a coach, you need to plan for training sessions, bring sponsors, organize your team members, and more. If you want, you can play yourself in sports too. The game has a full 3D match engine.

3. Out of park baseball 20

Football manager is required to baseball out of the park. The statistics-driven game lets you take over control of your favorite baseball franchise and team towards pride.

The game is licensed by the MLB, MiLB and MLBPA, so you are going to see up-to-date roster, real players, logos, employees and team names. While playing a game, you can either take control of a team from the current season or dig through 150 years of baseball history and can assume control of one of the many classic teams.

New features in the latest release include a revised 3D match engine, the ability to start a new game based on current real-life mid season league situations and four new international leagues (Germany, France, Spain and Czech Republic). . With real teams and players.

4. Estate Manager

There is some very meta about computer games in which you manage people playing computer games. This is definitely a game simulation game with a difference.

In the ESport Manager, you make a team of players, then take responsibility for their training, presence of social media, sponsorship contract and overall development. You also have a training base that you can improve with new facilities, training equipment and buildings.

Of all the esport contests, you will revolve around the first person shooter (FPS) and the multiplayer online war zone (MOBA) gameplay. Next to each competition, you need to prepare your strategy, choose your weapons and choose your players.

We know that this will not be the ideal game for everyone, but for anyone interested in espresso, this is a fun way to spend a few hours.

NB: MOBA is a niche video game genre that is worth playing.

5. Rugby League Team Manager 2018

The rugby league is in the same mold as Team Manager 2018 Football Manager and Out of the Park Baseball. This is primarily a statistics-driven game in which you can manage your favorite rugby league sides from around the world.

The game is licensed by the most important league in both the hemispheres, which means that you can control 226 clubs, reach up to 7,000 senior players and 2,000 coalition players, and play in official domestic and international competitions. You also have complete control over your employees and you can upgrade your stadium and training facilities.

The latest 2018 version of the game includes a new 3D match engine, a new player progress system, better training options and more deeply funded club finance.

6. Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager is available from 2016, but it is still the best F1 management simulation game on the market. Since the release of timeless Grand Prix Manager 2 by Microprocesses in 1996, it is definitely the best game in this area.

The only downside is that the game does not have official licensing, but if you can see the past, then it is a game that fans will love.

You are responsible for a complete motorsport team, which includes all employees, R & D process and race strategies.

Some additional downloadable content is worth buying. There is a endurance series add-on and GT racing add-on.

How to Send Email to Any Cell


You’re on your computer, and your friend is out of your phone. You can send an email, turn off a Facebook message, or kill them on Twitter. They use iMessage, right? All these methods are available on a desktop. But if you are talking to someone who is not walking around the smartphone, then these options do not work. Then what?

Simple-send an email to their phone number It works with almost any SMS-enabled phone, whether it runs the app or not, thanks for the SMS Gateway.

What is an SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway converts an SMS into SMS, so you can send emails from PC to phone.

Sending an email to an email number is similar to writing another email. You should only know the recipient’s gateway. If you know what mobile network they connect to, then finding their address will not be a problem.
SMS gateways are usually free to use. But when you can send emails for free, it can still spend money for the person receiving it. A SMS which is generated by email is not different from any other, as far as cellular plan is concerned.

Uses an SMS for Gateway

SMS gateways are not only useful for sending a text from your PC to the phone. Certainly, it can technically be all that makes an entrance gate, but it is not enough imaginative. Here are some other uses.

1. Notify yourself when an email arrives

Whenever a new email lands in your inbox, a notification appears on the smartphone. Without a feature on this feature phone, forwarding an email to your phone is a way that monitors people who reach you. The entire message did not fit in the same SMS, but atleast you would know that the desired package has sent or pinged you to a colleague about the current project.

Using filters, you can only forward some emails. It is also beneficial if you are a smartphone user. Receiving a lesson for only the most important mail is a good balance between being online and completely disconnecting from the web.

There is no need to do anything on your part to forward the email. Forget the gateway address in the same way when you have a standard email address.

2. Transfer files

Text messaging is an easy way to get files from your phone to a computer. This method works to send pictures that you take on your own or forward images to others, so that you can see them on a large screen. This saves you the effort of plugging your phone into a computer and finding out how to move files like this – if you can also.

To be a magician, all you have to do is type in the email address instead of the phone number when sending the picture message.

3. Make a feature phone smart by using IFTTT

Many smart gadgets you own today have a smartphone. Some even do nothing without the ability to install a companion app on your device. Fortunately, in some cases, there is workaround.

IFTTT is a web service that can do some work in response to specific tasks. With IFTTT, you can make your feature phone smart or compatible with smart devices.

With the help of IFTTT recipes, you can do many tasks by sending text only. Adjust lights or play music. If you are working with limited storage on your device, you can use IFTTT to back up SMS messages on a spreadsheet. Or whenever a package arrives, you can get an SMS message.

4. Send Bulk Messages

SMS gateways are not here to make our lives more comfortable. Companies change them as a way to send messages to thousands of calls simultaneously. Although this service is not always free.

When you receive an impersonate message from a carrier, a company or a political organization, they are probably using an SMS gateway. This is also a way that employers can communicate with all their employees in big companies, even if they are anywhere in the world.

How to send email to phone number

To email a phone number, you must know the recipient’s gateway address. Let’s say they use AT & T. In that case, just type their ten digit phone number by @txt.att.net. Do not use dashes.

US Carriers and MVNO

Here is a list of gateway addresses for MVNO, along with a major US carrier. Use the first address to send SMS and another for MMS. Note: Some carriers do not use different addresses.

Top Advanced Google Forms Tips and Tricks


If Google Form is not your creator yet, it’s time for us to change your mind. There are so many powerful tools hidden in those places that you can not get until you know what you are looking for. We are here to make sure that you know some of Google advanced tips and tricks.

1. Choose your response destination

You can choose your result destination by clicking the More (three-dot icon) button and choosing the Select Response Destination. Then either create a new spreadsheet or add responses as the second tab of the existing spreadsheet.

If you want to send your responses quickly to a spreadsheet, you can also click the Green Create Spreadsheet button. Or to download right on your computer, select More> Download Responses (.csv).

If you decide to create a new spreadsheet, it will reside in Google Sheets with the name or default name you specify. If you choose to be included in an existing spreadsheet, you will select the desired one in the pop-up window for Google Sheets.

If you want to manipulate data, it is ideal to use spreadsheets to store results. If you are expecting over 400,000 responses, you may want to keep the results in forms because the regular Google Sheet spreadsheet has a range of rows.

Whatever destination you choose, you can always go to Response> Summary so that more view footage of the results can be obtained, which is correct if most of your questions are multiplexible or can be graphically in any way.

2. Receive notifications for submissions

If you want to receive email notifications when someone submits your form, you can set it up to only two clicks.

Click the Peacock (three-dot icon) button on the Response tab and get email notifications for new responses. In order to log in to Google Form, you will receive an email address from the address you use.

3. Insert Google Forms Multiple Pages

It is possible to add many pages by inserting sections to prepare your form and make it more manageable for respondents.

Go to the last block of your page and click the Add to Toolbar button. You can specify a header and description on each page, which allows you to specify a specific type of question explicitly or for a specific type of respondent separately.

4. Embed the iFrame of your form

If you want to use Google Forms for your website or for any other purpose, where it is useful for embedding the form in the form of iFrame, it is easy to do this.

Click Submit at the top right of the form page. Then, click the Embed icon, if you want, adjust the width and height of your iFrame, and click on the copy. Then you can paste the code where you need it.

5. Create an auto grading quiz

For teachers, an auto-grading quiz in Google Forms is actually an easy way to save some time. On your main Google Forms page, click on the Template Gallery at the top. Scroll down and under Education, choose empty quiz.

Click the Add to Question button, enter a question and click on the Answer key to provide the correct answer and point value of the question. When your respondents finish the quiz, they will see the option of view scores. It answers all those questions, which have been marked as right or wrong and the marks obtained by them.

6. Turn a form into a quiz

If you create a form that you want to use later as an auto-grading quiz, then it is simple. On the Forms page, click the settings (gear icon) button in the upper right. Select the Quiz tab and make this a quiz and click Save.

Then you can go into the form and insert the answer keys and point values as if you had created the quiz from the beginning.

7. Get a pre-filled link

You want to pre-fill some answers on the form for your respondents. For example, you can use it to jumpstart the contact form on your website. Click on the top right of the form page (next to Send) and then select the pre-filled link. Next, just fill out the form because you want to ask the respondents for any question and click on the gate link.

Then you will see the bottom left to see that your link is ready, just click on the copy link and then paste it where you want to share it.