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How Cloudflare DNS Helps Solve


In April 2018, Claudefler released a new security device. It is called, it is a consumer DNS address that anyone can use for free. This can help enhance DNS security, improve users’ privacy, and potentially speed up your network connection.

But how does it work? How do you use it? And what DNS privacy can help to improve the risks? let’s take a closer look.

Problems with DNS and privacy
The Domain Name System (DNS) is often called “Internet Book Book”. This is the responsible technology to add to that domain that we use every day with the IP address of the site’s web server (eg Makeuseof.com).

Of course, you can enter the IP address of a site and you will still end up on its homepage, but the text-based URL is very easy to remember, so why we use them

Unfortunately, DNS technology comes with many privacy issues. Even if you take all other general precautions on your system, issues can weaken your online safety. Here are some of the worst privacy issues related to DNS.

1. Viewing your ISP
Due to the way DNS works, it acts as a log of the websites you visit. It does not matter if the site you are visiting is HTTPS- your ISP, mobile carrier and public Wi-Fi provider still everyone knows which domain you have visited.

Worried, from the middle of 2017, in the United States the ISP is allowed to sell its customers’ browsing data for financial gain. Actually, this practice is common throughout the world.

Ultimately, your browsing history is helping big corporations make money. Why should you always use a third-party DNS provider

2. The government is watching

Like ISPs, officials can also use your DNS log to see which sites you are visiting.

If you live in a country that has political opponents, LGBTQ workers, alternative religions, and so on, a less tolerant approach, then visiting the sites of that nature can put you in trouble.

Regrettably, your DNS lookup history can reveal your personal beliefs to those organizations, which potentially will attack you together.

3. Snooping and tampering

You are also at risk of the lack of DNS “last mile” encryption. Let’s say.

The DNS has two sides: official (on content side) and a recursive resolver (towards your ISP). In broad terms, you can ask questions about the DNS resolver (i.e., “Where can I find this site?”), And provide the official DNS nameserver answer.

Data running between resolvers and official servers is protected by the DNSSEC (theoretically). However, the “last mile” part (called stub resolver) and recursive resolver between your machine – is not secure.

Sadly, the last mile provides many opportunities for snoopers and tampeers.

4. Man-in-the-middle Attacks

When you browse the web, your computer will often use DNS data that is cached anywhere on the network. Doing this can help reduce page loading time.

However, the cash itself may be a victim of “cash poisoning”. This is a type of human-centric attack.

In simple words, hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities and poor configuration to add data to fraud in cache. Then, the next time you try to go to the “poison” site, you will be sent to the criminal-controlled server.

Responsible parties can also repeat your targeted site; You never know that you have accidentally redirected and entered user names, passwords and other sensitive information.

This process is how many phishing attacks occur.

How does Cloudflare work?

Cloudflare’s new service can measure many privacy issues related to the DNS technology.

Before the service became public, the company talked to the browser developers for a long time and developed their tools according to their recommendations.

1. Cloudflare DNS: Is it safe?

Yes, there is no tracking and no data storage. Cloudflare has never shown commitment to track advertisements based on its DNS users or on the basis of their viewing habits. In order to strengthen the consumer’s confidence in his statement, the company has never vowed to save the IP address queries on the disc and promised to remove all the DNS logs within 24 hours.

In practice, this means that your DNS history will be out of the hands of ISPs and governments. Even requesting them with CloudFlare will not be recorded.

2. Sophisticated technology

When you type a URL and press Enter, almost all DNS resolvers will send the whole domain name (“www,” “makeuseof,” and “com”) to the root server, .com server and any intermediary services. .

What’s the Difference Between Ubuntu and Based Distros?


Linux Mint and Primary OS are popular options of Ubuntu – but they are also based on Ubuntu. If you are new to Linux, then it can be confusing. Let’s try to make it clear what it means and why it matters to you.

Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu is a free and open source alternative for commercial and proprietary operating systems such as Windows and MacOS. At the top is a panel that shows time, system indicators and an overview screen or a way to open a dashboard that lets you access your app. There you can also switch between windows and virtual desktops.

Behind Ubuntu is a company called Canonical. Unlike Microsoft and Apple, Canonical does not make much of the part of its operating system. Instead, Ubuntu is made up of independent and open source components that come from individuals and teams around the world.

Interface described above, which is not unique to Ubuntu. This is actually a desktop environment known as GNOME.


Is Ubuntu and Linux the only thing?

not enough. The kernel, which is the part that enables the software to talk to your computer’s hardware, is Linux. The Linux kernel is one of many components that canonical use to create Ubuntu Desktop.

One way to think about the difference between Ubuntu and Linux is that you can not actually run the Linux kernel manually. It runs in the background, powers many different devices in your life, from gas station pumps to Android smartphones. Linux Desktop is more about Linux and more about all free and open source software running on top. He said, it is absolutely correct to think about Ubuntu Linux because it is a different thing.

Ubuntu Infrastructure

Ubuntu is too big to download from Ubuntu ubuntu.com. It’s a community of developers and users. It is a collection of applications and programs collected from many sources and is used in a variety of ways.

Most codes that give Ubuntu access do not come from Canonical.

What is Ubuntu based on?

Ubuntu is based on Debian, a huge project that Ubuntu works, only in a way which is slightly less accessible. To clean things, we have to set some conditions.

Package: The way developers distribute software for Linux. Applications come in the form of system components, drivers, codecs and other software packages.

Package format: Different versions of Linux use different formats to organize packages. So far, there is not any format that is compatible with every version of Linux.

Repository: Instead of downloading the installer from the website, Linux software is usually found in the repository. There are large collections of repository packages that you can access and download as needed. Linux App Store offers software in a way for Android and iOS, while more traditional tools are known as package managers.

Distribution: Distribution is a collection of software that provides a working operating system, together with community and repositories.

Ubuntu and Debian are both Linux distributions, and Ubuntu uses the same DEB package format as Debian, although the software is not always compatible with both. Ubuntu provides its own repository, but it mostly fills the package with Debian.

Ubuntu Ecosystem

Ubuntu comes in many forms. The default desktop uses the GNOME desktop environment. for example, uses the KDE plasma desktop. Jubantu uses a different interface known as XFC.

Canonical does not work on these variants, but it hosts them and all their software. They use the same repository as the default Ubuntu Desktop.

Ubuntu-based distros

There are many distributions based on Ubuntu, which are not related to Canonical (similarly as Ubuntu is based on Debian). Linux Mint and Primary OS are two most popular examples. They both come from different teams and have their own unique experiences. One important difference between Ubuntu and Linux mint is that in the latter half there is a similar interface to Windows.

Top Best Books to Read in 2019


We will always encourage you to take classic literature such as Othello and Murder on the Orient Express. However, future classics are released every year, and here are the best books to read in 2019, as organized by popular genres.

Best Literary Novels of 2019
Some define this category as imagery with “literary qualifications”, but it is inappropriate for other genres. Other people consider them to be less commercially viable novels – however, this is also unreal, because the viewers expand their reading experience.

Instead, these are books which otherwise define specific classification.

1. Where do croands sing

Clarke, abandoned by his family and friends, is in the headlines after getting a body in a house, whom he calls home. This soft exploration of loneliness, natural world and social divide is the first novel by veterinarian, Dalian Owens.

It spent three months at the top of The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2019 chart.

2. The Dreamers

This is another novel about privacy, which is in a busy college environment. The first year student sleeps and does not wake up. He is not dead. He has not stirred up and it is the first premises, then becomes a troubled epidemic around the surrounding town.

Karen Thompson Walker’s poetic prose is an unstable story that manipulates the reader on the last page. Ideal for fans of Sarah Lotz (Day 4) and Emily St John Mandel (Station XI).

3. Daisy Jones and The Six

Daisy Jones and The Six are told through a series of interviews with members of the Titular Band. The group redefined pop music in the 1970s but remained the secret of the reasons for their division. till now.

Taylor Jenkins Reid hires an unusual fiction genre to stretch the line between story and reality.

4. The Familiaries

What will you pay for a family? After three Stillbirth, the 17-year-old Fleetwood Shuttleworth received a doctor’s letter recommending that a quarter would kill him. Her frustration leads her to Alice Gray, who is the alleged midwife of a witchcraft.

Using the Pendal Hill vs Trial of 1612 as its basis, Stacey Hall’s The Familiarers is non-transformational and relevant.

Are you looking for a book on the edge of your seat?

5. Stranger Diaries

Eli Griffith is the most famous for his Ruth Galloway, and Stefan and Mephisto mysteries. However, Stranger Diaries is a standalone story, which acts as a great introduction to his style, intelligence and subjects. That is, family, passion, and, of course, a heavy focus on killing.

This is definitely one of Griffith’s best books (against strong competition). The way he gives voice to three different storytellers is particularly excellent.

6. External person

Stephen King is synonymous with horror. But since Mr. Mercedes (2014), he proved a natural even in crime fiction writing.

Outsider waits between horror and crime, it questions what we know about the most prominent people in our life. Can Popular Terry Maitland violate a child and be killed? Despite having an LB, DNA evidence places him in the place of the crime. What do we hide from the world and ourselves?

7. Before that night

Laura Lochner, who sees herself as “can not love that girl”, goes on a date. When she does not come back, her sister starts to worry – not for Laura, but for the man who went to meet him.

Wendy Walker calmed the tension in the microscopic and adroot manner. Night Before can be a slow burner, but that does not mean that it is not binding, thrilling, and breathless.

Best Non-Fiction Books of 2019
Truth, as they say, is a stranger to fantasy. These factual books face readers with difficult facts and know about the subjects they can otherwise ignore.

8. Auschwitz librarian

Laura Lochner, who sees herself as “can not love that girl”, goes on a date. When she does not come back, her sister starts to worry – not for Laura, but for the man who went to meet him.

Wendy Walker calmed the tension in the microscopic and adroot manner. Night Before can be a slow burner, but that does not mean that it is not binding, thrilling, and breathless.

Best Non-Fiction Books of 2019
Truth, as they say, is a stranger to fantasy. These factual books face readers with difficult facts and know about the subjects they can otherwise ignore.

Which Chat App Is Right for Your Team?


If you want a chat and collaboration app for your team, then the slack is probably the first device that pops in your head. However, this is not the only option. Since launch in August 2013, Slack’s success has inspired many imitation services to be displayed.

One such service is Twist. But is it better than a twist slack? How are the features in Slack and Twist against each other? Keep reading to learn more.

Slack vs. Twist: Cost

Both Slack and Twist offer a free tier. If you are involved in a small team – for example, a hobby group, crypto enthusiast, or a start-up company – the free tier should be enough.

Out of two free plans, slack options are more comprehensive.

It offers 10,000 searchable messages, 10 application integration (soon on them), one-by-one video call and two-factor authentication. Conversely, the free twist scheme provides messages and five app integration in just one month. However, it offers unlimited guest accounts. To give you some context, our team of approximately 50 users sends about 6,000 messages per month.

Slack paid schemes start at $ 6.67 per user Paid Plan 10,000 – Delete the message limit and add video calls and guest accounts. There is only one payment plan in the twist. It gives access to $ 5 per user per month, your entire message history and unlimited integration.

Finally, Slack offers a free trial; Twist does not.

Sluggish vs. Twist: App Integration

The goal of both Slack and Twist is to be a one-stop shop for all your chat and companionship needs. A large part of it is making sure that you can do as much as possible from within the respective app. Continuing to reach other services, jumping between apps slow down and harm productivity.

As such, both chat tools provide app integration. Out of two, Slack offers a wide selection.

Actually, hundreds of slack app integration are available. They are divided into categories like sales, productivity, design, file management and project management. Most of the services you use everyday is an integration, which includes Google Drive, Trello, Outlook Calendar, Salesforce, HubSpot, GitHub, Dropbox, Twitter, Zapier, and more.

At the time of writing, only 13 integration is available on the twist. The most notable Todoists, Zappiers and Guitbahs are. Twist ownership is owned by the same company as Todoist, so both services interact uninterruptedly.

Slack vs. Twist: Conversation Structure

Interaction of dull and twist structure slightly differently. Both use the extensive workspaces connected to the channels to organize the content, but while the Slack channel is a stream of real-time messages, the focus is on the twist threads.

Twist app looks a bit like email inbox; Channels are on the left side, threads in the center panel, and individual messages on the right side of the screen. It’s best to think of an Email Inbox in which the Conversation view is turned on.

It is impossible to claim that one approach is certainly better than the other. If you have a huge team with hundreds of members, then you can argue that the twist makes it easy to stay between dozens of individual conversations at the same time. You did not feel the pressure to constantly monitor the channels due to the loss of some important things. Small teams with only a few users in each channel may have an unnecessary focus on threads.

Slack offers threads – Users can respond to single messages and choose whether to publish their feedback on main channel conversations, but this is not one of the main main features of Slack and, in truth, still use Seems to be a bit cumbersome to do

Both Slack and Twist have a native bot that you can call at any time. The twist bot is called the eda bot; Slack is called slackbot. Out of the two, we think sloughbot is more useful; It can work more.

Ada Bot is primarily limited to answering questions (for example, “What is a thread?” Or “How do I make video calls?”). It can also allow you to preview your message before it hits. If you want to include many rich media, it is useful and wants to make sure that the formatting will look right.

Slackbots can do a lot. Like the Eda Bot, this will help articles on your fingertips. However, you can also use it to store personal notes, make reminders (for yourself and other users), schedule meetings, and even create customized responses for some tasks. Slack also lets you set up third-party bots.

Top New Linux Ubuntu Features


With Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” now available for download, you might be thinking whether they want to upgrade or keep things.

Top new Linux Ubuntu and it’s very Good features are on offer. Read on to know what they are and how Ubuntu 19.04 can surprise you!

Why you should upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04
Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” was released in April 2019. We can tell it by version name: 19.04. Ubuntu is released in the fourth and tenth months of the year. As a result, the previous version was calculated as Ubuntu 18.10.

Before that, Canonical released Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. As a long-term support release, Ubuntu 18.04 is a version that you should establish if you need more credibility. LTS releases are regularly updated for security, this is the reason why you should already use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

As it was not enough to update for security and sustainability purposes, we have 10 reasons to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04. We have divided them into two groups; Five main reasons, and quiet, a quintet of small tweaks.

For the first time, the five major improvements you will be able to use Ubuntu 19.04 for the first time:

Linux kernel 5.0
New desktop theme
Smartphone-style app permission control
Live patching
Mesa 19 GPU driver
If that was not enough, we have five small tweaks to share with you:

Tabbed terminal
Night Light granulola controls
New audio settings
Desktop animation
GNOME Search Improvements

1. Linux Kernel 5.0 included

Most importantly, Ubuntu uses the Linux 19.04 5.0 kernel. This is the latest version of the kernel which is widely used and provides better hardware support and performance.

The features of the Linux kernel 5.0 include improved graphics card support, including Nvidia Xavier and AMD Radeon FreeSync. Laptop drivers have been updated for X86 machines, and power management has been improved. Both laptops are especially useful for anyone running Ubuntu; Power management can be difficult for Linux laptop users.

There is also Fscrypt Adiantum for faster data encryption on low-end devices.

Of course, you do not have to update Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” to enjoy the benefits of Linux kernel 5.0. Here’s how to upgrade your Linux kernel to Ubuntu without updating here.

2. New Theme: Yaroo

Okay, so this is not entirely new, but the Yaru theme in Ubuntu 19.04 has got better support than Ubuntu 18.10. With better integration for third party app icons, it has a better performance in “Disco Dingo”.

Overall, yaru is clever and modern, and keeping in mind the previous Ubuntu topics, that depends on the color scheme Maroon.

Yaru Gnome 3.32 runs on the desktop environment, however keep in mind that on Ubuntu, Gnome is heavily customizable. This means that some features of GNOME 3.32 are unavailable in Ubuntu (like HiDPI partial scaling).

3. Application Permission Control

One feature that brings GNOME 3.32 to Ubuntu 19.04, however, there are smartphone-style app permissions. After installation you may have to change the permission on the smartphone app. Previously, such kind of tweaking was only available on system-wide basis, but it can be appraised per Ubuntu 19.04.

This means that you can stop an application from displaying notifications, for example, as well as determine which type of file it has.

The application permission control in GNOME-based Linux Distrosus is expected to be improved with later releases.

4. Live patching

Live patching in Ubuntu is already available to server administrators; Ubuntu 19.04 extends it to desktop users.

Now a new LivePatch tab is appearing in the software and updates screen. If patches are available, they will apply kernel updates without restarting your computer.

Livepatch is a Ubuntu free to use with an account, although business users must pay for the service.

5. Mesa 19 Open Source GPU Driver

AMD Graphics Users will find that the Mesa 19 Open Source GPU driver is available in Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo”

Messa is an open source OpenGL implementation consisting of hardware and software drivers. Gallium3D component adds video acceleration and calculation support. Ultimately, if you run the latest games in Linux, or edit the video, the MESA 19 driver will be welcome in your Ubuntu set up.

Again, this feature is thanks to the inclusion of Linux kernel 5.0.

5 Cool Small Tweaks in New Ubuntu

The latest Ubuntu release includes one and five useful enhancements, in addition to these five major developments.